Art Asylum: Tell us a little bit about yourself, your lifestyle / background? What inspired you to become the artist that you are today?

FAKE: Well…. I grew up in Lelystad, a suburb about 30 minutes from Amsterdam. I started with graffiti and tagging when I was about 14 years old. As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be either a stunt man, a skydive instructor or a painter, so a conventional job was going to be a problem anyway. I need freedom, space and I get stubborn when people tell me what to do.

Art Asylum: How long have you been painting, murals and street art?

FAKE: I have been painting murals and street art for 3 years now. Before that I have been doing graffiti for about 15 years. My first piece of real street art was right in my street where I still live now. It was a 3 dimensional piece, I painted on the wall and on the floor. (you can still see some remains of it)

Art Asylum: How did you get into graffiti and what inspired you start painting?

FAKE: The town I grew up in was very grey and boring, so I felt like it was my job to brighten things up a bit with colour and art. I had some friends that were a few years older than me (I was 13 at the time) who did graff on trains and walls. I wanted to do what they did and I started tagging and doing graff. I was very letter based at that time like everyone back then, but in my black book I only made drawings of people and faces. My dream was to be an artist and I wanted to be able to paint on canvas as well. But I never did till a few years ago. When I started painting on canvas, well, I was hooked.

Art Asylum: Where did you paint your first piece of street art?

FAKE: In the street I live right now! On a children’s play yard. It was a life size stencil of kids playing hopscotch, with the hopscotch painted by chalk on the street.

Art Asylum: How would you describe your style?

FAKE: Well… that is a hard one! For me I don’t want to have 1 specific style. I just want the freedom to paint what and how ever I like it. But there are some elements you will see in my work a lot. My work is very detailed and very, very clean. And loads of colours are a must!

Art Asylum: What are the influences behind your work?

FAKE: Humor (!) and my personal life are the things that influence my work a lot. Also the technical side of the work is a big drive for me.

Art Asylum: How did you choose the name FAKE and what significance does it have, if any?

FAKE: FAKE stands for a lot of things. Fake is artificial, counterfeit, phony, false and loads more! For me it means the images I make (what I portrait) are fake. What you see is not what it was or what you think it is. (Hope this makes sense). On the web there is a lot of fake work for sale and this is also a reason why I chose this name. In the meantime, some fake FAKE’s popped up on the web.

Art Asylum: What are your feelings about the current graffiti and street art scene in Amsterdam? U.S.?

FAKE: The street art scene in Amsterdam is very small, but the graff scene is huge!!!! Trans, subways, bridges you will see graff everywhere!

Art Asylum: Has your painting become a full-time career for you now and if so was it a long journey to get to this stage? If not, what else do you do?

FAKE: Well I am giving you this interview now as a full time artist! I have quit my job last month and had my last day at work 2 days ago FREEDOM!!! At last…I have been doing art over 15 years, but it all got into rapids one year ago. I know I have been very lucky in meeting the right people and still thank them for helping me on all aspects of the scene. I now have had shows all over the world, including Japan, Moskow and all over Europe. I started working in the US recently and hope this will be my next big adventure.

Art Asylum: What are you trying to express to people with your art?

FAKE: I don’t necessarily need to express anything in particular. I do my art to make people smile, think, get a discussion going or provoke any thought while looking at my art.

Art Asylum: Is your art a specific gesture? A specific agenda? What does it feel like when you succeed?

FAKE: It’s a great feeling to make a living out of my art. That’s real freedom for me and that’s my definition of success; being able to do what you love, without too many restrictions and rules.

Art Asylum: do you personally believe art Must have a relationship to the rest of the world? What is your art’s relationship to the rest of the world? What purpose does your art serve, if any?

FAKE: No purpose in particular

Art Asylum: When you have an artistic block what do you do to solve it?

FAKE: I am very happy I did not have one yet  So I have no idea how it feels nor how to get rid of it.

Art Asylum: The pros and cons of the business side of being an artist: how do you market/promote yourself, and how has it affected your progress and success?

FAKE: Blogs, traveling, making contact with other artists, do lots of shows. It’s part making a living out of it and since it is very much worth it, I don’t necessarily dislike it.

Art Asylum: What is your creative space like? What are three things you need when creating?

FAKE: My studio is dark and dirty! With hundreds of spray paint cans and loads of canvasses. All I need is my IPod my stencils and a spray paint can!

Art Asylum: Describe your work in one word?


Art Asylum: Do you consider yourself a graffiti / urban artist or a painter? Is there a difference in your opinion?

FAKE: I consider myself a street artists, and yes there is a very big difference. With graffiti it all revolves around the name, for me it all revolves around the image.

Art Asylum: How long does it take you to produce a piece? Do you start out with a sketch book, digital file or do you freehand all the way?

FAKE: I combine all of them. Sometimes I just start cutting without any design. When I design a piece, cut it and paint it…It will take me about 2 or 3 weeks to complete. Designing and cutting uses the most of my time. An average street piece takes me 4 hours to complete painting.

Art Asylum: What is your life long goal for your artistic career?

FAKE: I hope to keep enjoying it the way I have done until now, I hope to travel and meet fellow artists and to keep having inspiration and to keep making my living with it.

Art Asylum: What is something you would like to share with your audience that they do not know about FAKE?

FAKE: Haha.. well there is loads you don’t know  but here are a couple of little secrets: I have the urge to buy new t-shirts every day (with cool prints and graphics), I love Asia and go there 2 times a year, I have a cat that is totally psycho,I hate to do the dishes ,I save all my spraypaint nozzles/caps (I think I have over a thousand, used)

Art Asylum: What can we expect to see from Fake for the few moth’s? Any gallery shows, print releases, etc? Any specific plans for 2010?

FAKE: I just launched my new website! I will also be releasing a print very soon! A very low edition and all hand painted on paper. I am working on my solo show for 2010 right now and hope to complete it in 3 months time. Also I will be exhibiting in loads of shows across the UK for X-mass and the beginning of next year.

Thanks for having me!-FAKE


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