Art Asylum: Introduce yourself to us, what is your name(s) and do you work alone or are you a collective?

PreFab77: We are a collective of three guys.

Asylum: Prefab 77 is a very unique name what does this name mean and how did it originate?

PreFab77: The world is more and more pre-packaged and pre-made from food to houses, we are given little packs to assemble and are getting more and more removed from the source. ’77 was just a glorious year for British icons.

Art Asylum: How do you define yourselves? Street artists, Graffiti artists, or Urban artists?

PreFab77: 53% of the human race live in cities, and most of these cities are run and owned by interest groups with little left over for the race that lives here. We try to utilize the bits left over to try and make our mark.

Art Asylum: What do you think of the current “Street Art” movement?

PreFab77: The shame is when a ‘movement’ becomes a movement it’s then that people start to think it’s over. We think it’s in healthy shape and the variety of artists, mediums and messages are great. Again they are our cities and we should all get out and decorate or preach or make each other laugh.

Art Asylum: Where do you get your inspiration from?

PreFab77: Found, stolen, our culture and the period we grew up in!

Art Asylum: What’s your usual creative process?

PreFab77: Most of our work is thought out before hand with some of the best ideas rejected because of obvious references, but we sketch and plan then build images. Once originals are done the images are chopped, popped, and slapped.

Art Asylum: How long have you guy’s been doing art and what is your artistic background(s)? Art School or self taught?

PreFab77: We’ve all had the beginnings of formal art teaching, enough to know it may or may not matter. We are very graphic in our approach rather than fine art, and this reflects our background. I guess you fall into a style that comes easy, you are natural with and based on the work you admire.

Art Asylum: In addition to your artwork you also own Electrik Sheep, a store/gallery that exhibits many of UKs renowned artists including your own work. Does this make it easier or more difficult to exhibit your art?

PreFab77: Well it’s made us lazy… but this year we want to get out of our home town and exhibit in other cities, we’ve had a few good offers which we are pursuing but would love to consider more, if anyone wants to host our first US show!

Art Asylum: What’s the difference between the works you produce for the street and for the gallery?

PreFab77: The gallery process is very thought out and structured and our pieces are very finished. Our street pieces vary – all are thought out but we also love an opportunistic mash up!

Art Asylum: In a short time you have made quite an impact both in the UK as well as the US, however how would you describe your art for somebody who doesn’t know your work?

PreFab77: Dark, funny, beautiful, part fantasy part social comment, fading institutions and emerging futures

Art Asylum: How long does it take you to produce a piece? What is the process from beginning to end?

PreFab77: Normally (with a few exceptions) we decide on the concept, (youth in disgrace, enemy of promise etc.) and work on the ideas that fit in those concepts. Shoot or find imagery, draw or paint layers, screen-print and hand-paint – whatever medium fits the piece.

Art Asylum: Do you a have a medium or a tool that you prefer?

PreFab77: Tea-spoons and tea.

Art Asylum: When you give your pieces titles What is the process of choosing them?

PreFab77: We either reference the image content directly, or we dig through archives of phrases and witticisms that we’ve noted in the past. There’s always something that applies.

Art Asylum: If you could choose one word to describe you art/style what would it be?

PreFab77: Nice, black

Art Asylum: What is new for 2009, any upcoming exhibitions or new releases from Prefab 77?

PreFab77: Hopefully we will have a lot for 2009, a few print releases lined up (including our Enemy of Promise follow up being released through Art Asylum Boston)… and working towards an exhibition of new work.


To purchase Art Asylum Boston’s exclusive fine art print by PreFab77 click HERE


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